The Checklist: 100 Things Any Geocacher Must Do Sooner Or Later

Some things are cool to try, others are unavoidable no matter if you want to experience them or not. This list compiles 100 things that should or will happen to you at one point or another, whether you like it or not. How many can you tick off?

We’ve also extended the list here: 50 More Things Any Geocacher Must Do Sooner Or Later.

  1. Log a multi cache.
  2. Become FTF.
  3. Hide your own cache.
  4. Log your 100th find.
  5. Buy geocaching stuff online.
  6. Think “this would make an excellent hiding spot” on your way to work or school.
  7. Geocache on your vacation, to the horror of the rest of the family.
  8. Cache abroad.
  9. Participate in an event.
  10. Listen to a podcast about geocaching.
  11. Upgrade to a new GPS.
  12. Download GSAK.
  13. Go geocaching in a group.
  14. Log a mystery.
  15. Cache in the dark.
  16. Phone a friend to get help finding a cache.
  17. Get lost.
  18. Log a traditional.
  19. Organize an event.
  20. Walk the birds’ path even if it’s not the most suitable one.
  21. Use a flashlight while searching for a cache.
  22. Move a TB or a coin.
  23. Buy and send your own TB or coin.
  24. Have a pre-packed geocaching bag.
  25. Randomly meet another geocacher.
  26. Drop your GPS in the water.
  27. Log the wrong date online.
  28. Log a DNF.
  29. Drive on a private road.
  30. Visit
  31. Miss your favorite TV show to log a cache.
  32. Google “geocaching” out of boredom.
  33. Say or think “only one more cache”.
  34. Have a dream about geocaching.
  35. Register in a local or national geocaching organization.
  36. Have your photo taken while up in a tree.
  37. Geocache in a metropolis.
  38. Buy a lock n’ lock container.
  39. Hope for an update/new feature on (or other similar website).
  40. Log a webcam cache.
  41. Brag about a geocaching achievement.
  42. Get weird looks from muggles.
  43. Get stopped by the police.
  44. Have a special music playlist for geocaching trips.
  45. Stare for ages at a physical map.
  46. Do something physical you would otherwise never have done.
  47. Pick up trash while geocaching (CITO).
  48. Stand right next to a cache without seeing it.
  49. Park where you shouldn’t park.
  50. Log an earth cache.
  51. Film a geocaching adventure with a video camera.
  52. Have the phone number of another geocacher in your cell phone.
  53. Upload a photo to
  54. Search online for a cache of a specific difficulty.
  55. Become surprised when darkness falls.
  56. Try to place a cache that gets denied by a reviewer.
  57. Blog about geocaching.
  58. Ask a newbie question about geocaching on a forum.
  59. Write a cache description in a foreign language.
  60. Explain geocaching to a muggle.
  61. Download something related to geocaching.
  62. Become wet during a search.
  63. Write the wrong date in a physical log.
  64. Read about geocaching in a newspaper or magazine.
  65. Log your 1000th cache.
  66. Think “what the heck am I doing here?”
  67. Accept a challenge related to geocaching.
  68. Become FTF for the 10th time.
  69. Log DNF three times in a row.
  70. Participate in a CITO-event.
  71. Wish that your GPS device was better.
  72. Find something really fun in a geocache.
  73. Have a bad GPS reception.
  74. Run out of batteries at an unsuitable moment.
  75. Wish that you could be out geocaching, when you’re stuck with something else.
  76. Log a cache that would not be possible to take without the help of someone else.
  77. Bring a friend for a geocaching trip.
  78. Trade up a cache, meaning to leave something of greater value than what you take.
  79. Log a cache in a cache bomb.
  80. Log all caches in a cache bomb.
  81. Criticize a fellow geocacher.
  82. Log at least 10 caches in a day.
  83. Attempt a 5/5.
  84. Complain that people don’t put the cache back at its original location.
  85. Not put a cache back at its original location.
  86. Complain about bad coordinates.
  87. Pretend to tie your shoes to avoid muggles.
  88. Tell a friend about geocaching.
  89. Fix a damaged cache that belongs to someone else.
  90. Become thrilled about an e-mail from
  91. Applaud another geocacher.
  92. Be annoyed by all the trash in caches and then place something useless yourself.
  93. Lose your GPS.
  94. Geocache together with children.
  95. Take a break of over a month.
  96. Tease someone who can’t find a cache that you have already found.
  97. Forget to log a cache online.
  98. Log a cache in a cave.
  99. Log a letterbox cache.
  100. Complete everything on this list.

What’s your score? Leave a comment!

Do you have ideas for other things that should be on this list? Let us know!

AG cover image

We took our two lists – 100 Things and 50 More Things Any Geocacher Must Do Sooner or Later – and threw in an additional 50 things suggested by the community. Then we turned this heft compilation into a creative jounral! Write down your geocaching adventures as you cross the things off the list, and compete with friends and family. It’s also a great activity at events!

The book was released January 9, 2016. Learn more on the book page!

65 thoughts on “The Checklist: 100 Things Any Geocacher Must Do Sooner Or Later

  1. Hahaha- I jumped (not) a little ditch last week- fell and busted my lip pretty good. Blood letting ought to be on there somewhere- LOL

  2. Chramm, cache bombs refer to when many caches are placed at once in a smaller area, causing an “explosion” on the map. Unlike power trails they don’t need to be in a line and they are not necessarily placed with the goal of being easy to log.

  3. there are a few items I have not done. Never video taped a caching adventure. One thing I do that most all of us do is plan a vacation around geocaching. I do it all the time.

  4. Have nearly crossed off all items except for the bomb one. Never heard of that one? One thing that could be on the list is Give a premium membership yo a new cacher. Have done 3 now

  5. 82 things on this list. Some overlap between lists though… (Getting in the criticise a fellow cacher one!)

  6. I’ve done 54! Some of those things I’m sure I’ll never do! No way would I ever lose a GPS device, they are like my children!

  7. I think some of those are too easy, This should be on the list, Get an injury while geocaching. I got so excited to find one that I stood up too quickly while under a pine tree. and poked my eye. Ouch!!!!

  8. Though I have done a good portion of these, some of them are just plain rude so I have no desire to complete all 100

  9. 47/30, geocaching only 3 months, but I also lost my only set of car keys, had to call a locksmith, paid $185 for a new key, and then had my husband insist we walk around in the dark with a metal detector looking for my keys that I never found.
    Also we went camping and I decided to take the dog on a long hike in the woods. We got lost, it was getting dark, and my phone was dying. My husband had to call 911 to rescue me.
    So, understandably, my husband is not the biggest fan of me geocaching.

  10. I was looking down in some blackberry bushes at a tunnel someone had made, studying my GPS and thinking to myself well it has to be down in there “hope I don’t get stuck”. Then rising from a crouched position lunging forward to get up and crawl down the hole when I hit a dead limb sticking out at me causing myself the need for 8 stitches 1 inch above my eye. Shortly after they archived the cache and I never got to go find it.

  11. I think they should add, draw blood, tear your clothing, have a spider larger than a 50c piece crawl up our arm, find a slithery guardian, trip onto your face, slip down a creek bank, be eaten alive by mosquitoes, return to the same cache 4 times before you find it and force an unwilling child to cache with you.

  12. 100 of 100

    Other things that could be added to this list.

    Have a rattlesnake surprise me while geocaching.
    Accidentally destroy a GPS.
    Get home three hours or later than anticipated while geocaching
    Run out of water while geocaching.
    See a poisonous spider while geocaching
    Publish bad coordinates.
    Find a cache what has bad coordinates.
    Have some call you for a lifeline on your own cache, and cannot remember anything about the cache.
    Touch a cache several times before “FINDING” the cache.
    Not be able to find your own cache.
    Accidentally lose a travel bug or coin.
    Set a cache and then lose the coordinates.
    Accidentally find a cache when you weren’t looking for it.
    Forget a pen.

    That should be enough to start a new list of 100 other things.

    gsmX2 (Scott)

  13. Hello! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone 3gs!
    Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts!
    Carry on the fantastic work!

  14. How about, go out in the evening with your teenager (or anyone else) for “just a couple caches” and before you realize it the sun is rising and you both have work/school in an hour. Oops.

  15. I have been caching for about 4 months I have gotten posion ivy with a bad allergic reaction attacked by 3 different bees had bad allergic reaction and now have posion sumac with yes a bad allergic reaction but still go caching even though my husband likes it’s more harm for me the good and costing more in medical bills then need be……

  16. 98 out of 100
    99 if you count the video on my phone instead of a video camera
    110 out of 100 if you include:
    Being injured while caching,
    Donating blood to Mother Nature while caching,
    Using a tree to hide behind while pottying,
    Waiting on another cacher down the trail while they potty,
    Overturned in a watercraft while caching,
    Completed the 81 grid,
    Completed all terrain levels in a single day,
    Completed all difficulty levels in a single day,
    Found over 300 caches in a single day,
    Rode in a motorized vehicle on a bike/walking trail,
    Found 100 or more caches in a day multiple times,
    Is addicted to geocaching

    • I had brain surgery on a Tuesday, about 6 weeks ago. I was dying to get out of the house and stumbled across geocaching while reading a Boxcar Children book (er, I mean, my son was reading it lol) and decided to go on our first outting just 5 days after surgery with our 3 yr old and almost 9 yr old. Ended up hitting the back of my head on the ground while sliding down an embankment that my 3-yr old had slipped down and got a nail in his foot. Found 5 that first time out…with 24 staples still in the back of my head lol!

      • Oh and our dog also got into a yellow jacket nest while we all were eaten alive by Texas mosquitoes…but we still go almost every Sunday after church!

  17. 93/100 and 46/50

    some extra to add:
    leave earlier from home or work trying to get a FTF
    looking outside while you are at work, wishing you were caching
    looking outside while you are working, pretending you have a meeting, but go caching instead
    searching for 30 minutes trying to find your own cache

  18. For them all except being stopped by the police. But I have had emergency services searching for me while I was out geocaching

  19. Got 95 out of 100.

    May want to add:
    ..getting lost while caching
    …continuing to cache despite an injury
    …finding unwanted wildlife (snakes, bees)
    ….miss an appointment because you wouldn’t give up in a find.
    …search for a cache for an hour
    ….not admitting to a DNF

  20. First time here. Mostly a casual cacher with occasional bursts. I solve a lot of puzzles and then take a long time to go log them. It is sad to solve one and then have it disappear before logging.

  21. I just discovered geocaching last summer and I’m hooked! I barely found my first cache this weekend and I can’t wait to find more. Thank you for this list, it’s going to make geocaching even more fun and exciting.


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