50 More Things Any Geocacher Must Do Sooner Or Later

Have you seen our checklist of 100 things any geocacher must do sooner or later? We’ve increased it. With suggestions and contributions, here are 50 more things any geocacher must do sooner or later:

  1. Explain to a guard what you’re searching for.
  2. Find a cache in 10 seconds even if you searched for it in vain for half an hour the previous day.
  3. Hurt yourself when searching for a cache.
  4. Log a geocache very quickly as it was impossible to be discret with muggles around.
  5. See a weird person on a geocache location and understand that she is a geocacher.
  6. Not find the cache but take benefit of the marvelous scenic view and deal with it.
  7. Walk several kilometers for only one cache.
  8. Go caching in a cemetery.
  9. Hesitate to thank the owner for a cache beacuse the cache wasn’t so good.
  10. Tell a cache owner that you thought the cache was crap.
  11. Take benefit of a wedding to find some caches in the area.
  12. Imagine how a cache could be placed while looking at street elements around you.
  13. Know your current number of founds by the exact count.
  14. Spend hours to solve a mystery and be happy when it succeeds.
  15. Randomly find a cache without having been looking for it.
  16. Not be able to put a cache back because a muggle has arrived after your found it.
  17. Pass near a cache you have already found and check it’s still there.
  18. Crash or damage your geomobile during a hunt.
  19. Lose or soak your shoes in a swamp and continue barefeet.
  20. Be chased by a wild animal.
  21. Use a rope to reach a cache.
  22. Participate in a geocaching contest.
  23. Lead a course on geocaching.
  24. Have your own cache muggled.
  25. Run out of ink in your pen when trying to sign a log.
  26. Log by taking a photo instead of signing the log book (for any reason).
  27. Use a spoiler photo to find a cache.
  28. End up in the hospital as the result of a hunt.
  29. Read about the death of a fellow geocacher.
  30. Know someone who has been geocaching since the year 2001.
  31. Stumble upon a snake or spider when caching.
  32. Find the cache then prentend that you haven’t in order to fool your geocaching friend(s).
  33. Receive a phone call from another geocacher who is in need of a hint.
  34. Come home all dirty and muddy.
  35. Find a cache burried in snow.
  36. Meet a geodog.
  37. Watch a You Tube video about geocaching.
  38. Read a novel in which geocaching is mentioned.
  39. Watch a movie in which geocaching is featured.
  40. Find a geocache in Africa.
  41. Go on a weekend geocaching trip, with the main purpose of finding caches.
  42. Travel a long distance by car to log an FTF.
  43. Stumble across a geocaching term or abbreviation that you don’t know the meaning of.
  44. Log three DNF’s – in a row.
  45. Use the wrong coordinates and thus end up in the wrong place.
  46. Film/videotape one of your own geocaching adventures.
  47. Get in contact with an unusual animal when on a hunt.
  48. Write about/mention geocaching on Facebook.
  49. Post a “need maintenance” log.
  50. Suggest more things to be added to this list.

Thank you for the contributions:

  • Tof (#1-17)
  • LLL (#18-20)
  • YankeeDude (#21-24)

AG cover image

We took our two lists – 100 Things and 50 More Things Any Geocacher Must Do Sooner or Later – and threw in an additional 50 things suggested by the community. Then we turned this heft compilation into a creative jounral! Write down your geocaching adventures as you cross the things off the list, and compete with friends and family. It’s also a great activity at events!

The book was released January 9, 2016. Learn more on the book page!

17 thoughts on “50 More Things Any Geocacher Must Do Sooner Or Later

  1. Buy a kayak/canoe or other such “tool” for the sole purpose of geocaching. Have a cache hidden in “your honor.” Hide caches in honor of other cachers. Create cache names for your children. Call everything “geo mobile,” “geodog,” “geoclothes,” “geobuddy,” “geostud,”, geoetc.

  2. Run out in your pajamas and hiking boots for an FTF. Lie to your boss to grab an FTF. DNF a 1.5/1.5. Convince the muggle that just caught you to help you hunt for the cache. Explain to someone that it is spelled c-a-c-h-e not c-a-s-h and you are not hunting for money.

  3. Gotten lost after the (second set) of batteries dies during a multi, find something dead, make a deal with your significant other, kids, etc., that if we go out for the day geocaching you will (fill in the blank,) find a cache after a long hike that you don’t have the right “tool” for, say the words “I know it is here and I am not leaving until I find it,” be muggled by a police officer, get so frustrated after a string of DNF’s that you swear off of geocaching forever (only to go out and try to find them again the next day,) realize that there should be a 12 step program for geocachers, go night caching in the woods..The list goes on an on.

  4. I actually do number 17 a lot. Its a small courtesy to all other geocachers to keep the game going.

    Has anyone ever been in situation number 16? Im curious how you should deal with that. Normally i try to put it quick when they look away or if i ca t ill hold it and sit around for a while or walk off and come back.

  5. 1. Complete a Wherigo
    2. Hide a cache in an area that normally a Reviewer would deny because it is outside your home coordinates, but have a local cacher agree to maintain.
    3. Hide 100 caches.
    4. Walk down the aisle of a Dollar store thinking “cache making supplies”.
    5. Log a TB that is on a car, dog and/or person.
    6. Start a geocaching Facebook group.
    7. Have introduced geocaching to co-workers while on a business trip.
    8. Have visited Groundspeak Headquarters.
    9. Have served as a Geocaching Merit Badge counselor.
    10. Have found illegal drugs and/or drug paraphernalia while geocaching.
    11. Create a Wherigo.
    12. Found Earthcaches in 10 different states and/or countries.
    13. Had another cacher make a geocache in your honor with your geocaching name in the title.
    14. Create a mystery cache.
    15. Cached for a one year long consecutive streak.
    16. Solved a mystery cache with other cachers via email and/or a website posts.
    17. Visited the site of the original cache.
    18. Hosted a CITO event.
    19. Created an Earthcache.
    20. Quickly do a geocache search when you find out you have to travel to a new location.


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