Rush Hour At Rubbesjo & Caching Underneath A City – Two Stories From The Field

Here are two short but exciting stories from the field, from the forests of Sweden to a major city.

Rush Hour At Rubbesjö

Rubbesjö #1 and #2 are two T4:s deep inside a Swedish na­ture reserve. They were placed during the summer of 2009 and are located on two small islands in a tiny lake. The ter­rain is rough and the sur­rounding water doesn’t make it any easier. Until one cold day, it had only received eight finds.

But winter seems to be a good time for the two. The ice – an inevitable part of winter in Sweden – makes the trip somewhat more achievable. More snow to walk through, but that’s nothing when you don’t have to swim or bring a raft. “20-50 centimeter of deep snow, the hike took 5.5 hours!” wrote Blaufish in his log.

And j-annie wrote:

“Three people (Linge, Djut­ten and myself) went out to cache, met Nilo and then we were four. At the cache we met three more (BGR01, Hallén and one more) so seven people who logged these caches today is a good harvest on these lone­ly islands.”

A true rush hour on this day, in other words. J-annie even joked about this being the un­offical “Robbesjoevent”. Imag­ine the seven people meeting out there in the wild!

Caching Underneath A City

The goal: “Go with the flow” in Gothenburg, Sweden. Difficulty and terrain: 5/5. Means of transport: an inflatable kayak.

We paddled around for quite a while, but the cache, which was under a bridge, was never found despite thorough searching. The highlight of the day, however, was to follow the water a bit further, to a tunnel. The roof was extremely low, it was dark and the trams above made very loud sounds echoing in the tunnel. Unfortunate­ly, the surface-to-ceiling distance became too low to continue to an exit on the other side, but we did manage to get a few hundred meters in below the streets of the city. A truly unique and cool experience!


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