Interview: OlofL and Azoo-Lina Met While Geocaching

OlofL and his then-girlfriend and now wife Azoo-Lina met online. They decided on a blind date and used coordinates to set the location. In real life, they met for the first time by a cache in august 2008. Now OlofL unravels the story.

Tell us how you and Azoo-Line got in contact with one another.

You could say that we met through a mailing list. StormHill wrote on the list asking if anyone wanted to join him for a caching trip. Azoo-Lina replied that she was going to a wedding at that time – not her own – and I had an impulse and replied to her: “blind date?” She answered: “Time and coordinates?” We met at GC1F5J4 two days later.

What was the first meeting like?

We both had a relaxed attitude. We thought that you can cache with any weirdo. If it gets boring we focus on the caching. But it never got boring and by the third cache we sat down for a picnic. As we sat there, talking, the sun set and it became dark. Time flew by and it started to get cold. We hiked back to the car and were shocked to see that the time was one thirty at night.

Did you instantly become a couple?

We did so quite fast. We met a few times the following weeks and it felt right. We practically moved together three weeks later, but it took an additional month to understand what had happened.

We had in fact met once before, at an event, but neither had made any lasting impression on the other.

What is your average day like today compared to before?

Well, we figured that the most challenging you could do to a relationship was to renovate a house, so we bought one to fix. Better learn straight away if it wasn’t going to last. We lived in the construction mess for almost a year and spent all our money and energy on it, and still decided to get married!

Congratulations! What does it feel like now?

What it feels like? Great! Or as Lina usually says: imagine what you can find by a cache in the woods!

Is geocaching still a hobby that you have in common? Who is the most cache-crazy of the two?

Yes, we still cache together, but the time and energy hasn’t been enough to do trips the way we used to. The interest has faded some. But we still go on FTF hunts, participate in events and when we travel both of us sometimes become cache crazy. We considered combining our handles since we always cache together.

Thank you to OlofL and Azoo-Lina.


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