Did You Know…?

…that the worlds highest cache is called International Space Station and is placed on  – that’s right – an international space station? It serves to push the limits of geocaching to a whole new level. In the future, space tourism might increase the log count greatly.

…that the first geocache in Sweden was eaten by an animal and found five years later? The cache was the second ever to be placed in Europe but lasted only a few months during which it was logged by only one person. Five years later, during an event to celebrate the cache, it was miraculously found by accident.

2 thoughts on “Did You Know…?

  1. I’m not so certain that the first item listed (geocaching.com being blocked and geocaching being banned in china) is true. I’m certain it wasn’t true back in 3/2011 the last time I was there. I did several caches, and I pulled the cache data while in Xi’an and in Shanghai. I’m guessing this is an urban legend but I haven’t been back recently – unless for some reason they started blocking it, which if they did I’m sure there would have been an uproar about it. I believe there’s another urban legend regarding GPSr being illegal there, but that’s not true either. It’s only illegal to use it for surveying/map making w/o a license.

    • You seem to be perfecty right. I know for a fact that the site has been down/unacceccible, but that was long ago and probably only for a short while. It was government blocked.

      However, I’ve done additional reserach now, and I can tell that the issue might rather be that the useage of a GPS device in many locations is disliked by the athorities. It’s not illegal, but some locations are sensitive. More so in China than in most other countries.

      For the sake of this, I have removed the part about China in the post. Thanks for pointing it out 🙂


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