What Kind Of Geocacher Are You?

Here’s a fun test designed to reveal what type of geocacher you are. Answer the questions and sum up how many of each shape/color you stack up. Each type represents a personality trait or category.

The test consists of twelve standard questions followed by three bonus questions. Some options give more points (two of the same or several different shapes), others give a minus point (orange line across it) and some don’t give anything at all (white square).

Ready? Go! :D

The Questions

1. Do you try to exercise while geocaching?

  • A. Yes, exercise is precisely why I geocache. Motionär Motionär
  • B. Yes, since I’m already out I might as well do it properly. Motionär
  • C. No, but exercise is an automatic bonus while caching. Inget
  • D. No, I prefer not to walk too far. Motionär X

2. Do you hang out with other geocachers?

  • A. Yes, I have several geocaching friends and meet them often, even when we’re not caching. Blå Blå
  • B. Yes, I have gotten to know a few over time, and going out to find a cache or two together is fun. Blå
  • C. No, not other than at events. Inget
  • D. No, very rarely. Blå X

3. How many FTF:s have you logged in relation to how many caches you have logged total?

  • A. A lot more than most other geocachers. Gul Gul
  • B. Some more than most. Gul
  • C. A few, no more or less than anyone else. Inget
  • D. I have never logged an FTF. Gul X

4. Do you think that you know a lot about GPS devices and the technology behind GPS?

  • A. Yes, I’m very much interested in that sort of stuff. Brun Brun
  • B. Yes, I feel relatively up to date on GPS:es. Brun
  • C. No, but I know what GPS stands for. Inget
  • D. No, I’m not at all interested in that sort of stuff. Brun X

5. Are you active in the organizing of geocaching-related projects, such as events?

  • A. Yes, I often organize events and/or have started other forms of projects. Röd Röd
  • B. Yes, I have taken part in the organizing of at least one event/project. Röd
  • C. No, but I have at some point had a minor role in something like that. Inget
  • D. No, never. Röd X

6. What do you prefer, caching in the nature or in the city?

  • A. Nature! I love being in the wild. Grön Grön
  • B. I like both, but I think nature is a bit more fun. Grön
  • C. It depends. Inget
  • D. The city. Grön X

7. Do you usually combine geocaching with other physical activities?

  • A. Yes, I usually log a cache or two when I’m out anyway biking, hiking or something similar. Motionär Motionär
  • B. Yes, I think of geocaching as a motivation to move my body. Motionär
  • C. No, I don’t really do other physical activities. Motionär X

8. Are you active on caching related forums or such?

  • A. Yes, I frequently visit various forums and I’m often in contact with other geocachers online. Blå Blå
  • B. Yes, every now and then I stop by a foum, blog, or other, and I have online contact with at least some geocachers. Blå
  • C. No, maybe to read something specific, but usually not. Blå X

9. What do you think of caches with a high terrain rating or difficulty rating?

  • A. I love to take on a physical or mental challenge and often seek out such caches. Gul Gul
  • B. I have nothing against higher ratings. Gul
  • C. I usually avoid them. Gul X

10. A caching buddy has received a new GPS. How do you react?

  • A. Great, but I’ve had one for some time now. Brun Brun
  • B. I’d love to try out the new toy. Brun
  • C. Well, good for him. Brun X

11. Do you have a blog, website or anything else where you write about geocaching?

  • A. Yes, I have a site only about geocaching. Röd Röd
  • B. Yes, I write about geocaching occasionally on my personal site. Röd
  • C. No. Röd X

12. How important is the experience of nature when you geocache?

  • A. Very! I love nature and geocache to get out into it. Grön Grön
  • B. Somewhat important. Without it geocaching would lose some of its charm.  Grön
  • C. Not so important, that’s not why I geocache. Grön X

Bonus Questions

13. An event is being held in your home town. Who are you in that situation?

  • A. Someone who stays at home. Blå X Grön
  • B. The one discussing GPS:es with other likeminded people. Brun
  • C. The host. Röd Blå
  • D. The guy who talks to most, both strangers and familiar faces. Blå
  • E. The one talking about his latest adventure. Gul
  • F. One of those who are quickest to log all the new caches that were placed for the event. Motionär Gul
  • G. Someone sitting by the coin- and TB table. Röd
  • H. The guy who combines the event day with a longer geocaching trip to make the most of it. Motionär
  • I. Someone who takes it easy and lets the atomsphere sink in. Grön

14. Which of the following do you enjoy the most?

  • A. Sitting and pondering on where to place my next hide. Röd
  • B. A spontaneous caching trip with the friends. Blå
  • C. A walk in the forest. Grön
  • D. A cache in a deep cave or on a high mountain. Gul
  • E. Buying a new GPS or other device for geocaching. Brun
  • F. A jog, biking trip or similar with several caches along the route. Motionär

15. Someone invites you on a weekend trip with focus on geocaching. What do you do?

  • A. Organize the caches you’ll visit using GSAK or other program. Brun Röd
  • B. Reset the distance counter and look forward to a long trip with challenging caches. Gul Motionär
  • C. Hope that you’ll have time to enjoy the area, not just take as many caches as possible. Grön
  • D. Immediately check what caches are available in the area and start planning a route. Röd
  • E. Put on your best hiking boots – hopefully there will be quite a bit of walking. Motionär Grön
  • F. Ask how many others are joining and hope for a fun trip with the friends. Blå

The Result

Time to check the result! Read about what kind of geocacher you are based on what shapes/colors you got the most of.

Motionär The Exerciser – The exerciser uses geocaching as a carrot to get out more in the fresh air. Perhaps you combine it with some other sport and go for a more challenging workout. You’d rather bike or walk than take the car.

Blå The Social One – You love meeting other people. You often participate in events and know quite a few other geocachers. If you meet another cacher – known or a stranger – by a cache you always stop to chat. After all, you do share the same interest for a sort of odd hobby.

Gul The Adventurer – The adventurer likes to take on more challenging caches, either physically or in the form of puzzles – or both combined. Climbing is no obstacle and if a cache with a high terrain rating pops up you’re not late to visit it. Too many caches under rocks in forests will bore you, even if you still like to find one every now and then. You are quite competitive.

Brun The Tech Guy – The tech guy likes geocaching as a result of his interest in technology and cool devices – or has obtain that interest through geocaching. You know quite a bit about how GPS:es work and like to sit behind a computer, playing with programs such as GSAK. You like buying new things to play with.

Röd The Organizer – As someone who likes to work “behind the scene”, the organizer has hosted an event or two during his geocaching career. You use geocaching as a tool to create with and often combine the game with other hobbies. Hiding your own caches is for you just as fun as finding those placed by others.

Grön The Nature Child – The nature child loves being in the outdoors and often takes a quiet walk to a nearby cache. Experiencing the nature is imporant to you and you most likely prefer a single forest cache over a higher density in the cities, even if the city has more caches to offer. It’s the experience, not the cache count that matters.

Did you take the test? What kind of cacher are you? Tell us in a comment!

2 thoughts on “What Kind Of Geocacher Are You?

  1. I am a Nature Child. Living in a very rural area, most of the caches I have logged are of a rural location. Have always felt more comfortable caching out of sight of others. I love the trees and the mountains and always look out for caches located in those places.
    I did get a smattering of The Social One as well as I blog a bit about geocaching on my WordPress account, To Young To Be Old.


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