Interview: Two Women Who Leave The Men Behind

Emma-hanna takes her name from her two daughters. Well-done is the daughter of Emma-hannas boyfriend. Together they geocache – with our without their men.

Categorizing the typical geocacher is tricky. But when generalizing one could say that the average geocacher is a man above his thirties. Emma-hanna and Well-done are two exceptions. Two young women who leave their men at home to hunt on their own. Emma-hanna tells us more.

Hi there! Who are you two, and what’s your relation to one another?

Emma-hanna consists of me, Jessica, and my daughters Emma (10) and Hanna (6). Well-done is Erika, 19 years old. She’s the daughter of my boyfriend but she lives with us full time, so I’m the one responsible for her. I wash her clothes, cook her food, teach her how to drive, etc.

How did you discover geocaching, for how long have you been doing it and what is it about the hobby that attracts you?

I read an article about geocaching in a magazine and got curious. I looked it up online and found a few caches in my area. Then I had to find one more and one more and then I was stuck. I became a member on March 5, 2009.

Well-done came with me and Hanna once and thought “what on earth am I looking for?” After that she wanted to join every time we went out. She became a member on July 17, 2009.

What attracts us the most is a mix of things. We get to see many places, get exercise as we do so and enjoy the challenges of climbing mountains, road signs, trees and bridges.

We want to challenge ourselves and reach a high cache count. The more we find the better we become at searching. Erika also wants to drive and this way it’s easy to teach her. There’s always a destination to go to.

Your boyfriends aren’t fans of geocaching. Does it matter? Do you “force” them to join, or do you just leave them at home?

My boyfriend wants to join us more and more, but time is short. Instead, he’s the babysitter when the kids don’t want to come, or when the caches are too hard for them to join in on. Erikas boyfriend just haven’t seen the light. He thinks it’s too far to walk and that two hides in a day are too many. So he stays at home.

From what I gather you’re both very experienced cachers. What equipment do you bring?

I have a Garmin Dakota 20. Then we have a head lamp, rubber gloves, rubber boots, a compass, plastic bags, new log sheets, pens and pencils, sharpener and some small trading items. We always bring a 5 liter bottle of water and loads of food. At home we also have a ladder and a long stick with a hook on it which we bring when needed. And then of course we also have a car GPS and maps.

Anything particularly memorable from your trips together?

We often go on two day trips and camp somewhere along the road. Once we were on one such trip and couldn’t find a place to put up our tent. Where there wasn’t a mountain there were fields. Finally we found a small road leading down to a lake. We camped in that beautiful spot.

The kids were excited and wouldn’t sleep so I threatened to take the tent down and go home. Everyone went quiet, and in all that silence there was a sudden noise outside, probably from a deer. None of us dared to make a sound.

Final question: Who’s the most cache-crazy?

I think we’re both equally crazy. But Erika has more spare time since she’s still in school and lives at home. I work and take care of the family with shopping, cooking, doing the laundry and cleaning.


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