Travel Bugs & Geocoins

Trackables, or so-called Travel Bugs and geocoins, are objects travelling from cache to cache. A Travel Bug (TB) is a tag on a chain that can be attached to smaller items such as toy cars or teddybears or anything you like. A geocoin is a specially designed coin that can be purchased online. They exist in many shapes and designs.

What the two have in common is that they have a unique code printed on them. When someone finds a TB or coin, he or she writes the code on the web (under “Trackables” on From there, it’s possible to log that the item is now in your hands. On the website, it’s possible to see where the item has been and what its goals are, for example reaching a specific destination. That way a trackable can travel around the world. Cool, right?

Geocoins are also popular trading objects and it’s not uncommon that special coins are designed for major events or special occasions. It’s almost like collecting stamps.

Furthermore, TBs have emerged in more creative forms. You can for example purchase them as stickers to put on your car, making the vehicle loggable. Some have even bought TBs and tattooed the code on their bodies!

Quick Facts:

  • Each geocoin or Travel Bug (trackables) has a unique code on it.
  • Whenever a cacher finds a trackable in a cache and takes it, she registers this on the website using the code. When she leaves it in a new cache, she registers this as well.
  • On the website, it’s possible to see on a map where a TB or coin has been.
  • Trackables can have a goal set by the owner. The goal could be to travel to a specific place or to visit caches of a specific type.
  • TBs are usually attached to another item, making that item a “hitchhiker”. Coins work on their own and are not attached to anything.
  • Coins exist in all kinds of designs and shapes and are popular collectors’ items.


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