Through A Swamp In The Dark

One December day a few years ago a cacher named Blaufish and I went on a long walk. We were on a major hunt and aimed at visiting an event along the way. Citycaching, nightcaching and thousands of steps.

We began our journey at around nine. From the center of the city we walked to a lake in the outskirts. This is where the event – one of our major goals for the day – was held. On the way we, of course, visited quite a few caches, and despite plenty of lamppost caches there were several highlights. One example being a place with an incredible view of the city, despite fairly poor weather. And as always when caching in your own town you can’t help but being amazed by the number of caches you have actually passed on a daily basis prior to geocaching, without even knowing it.

After the event – which consisted of a meet-up in a cabin in the woods and the collective geocaching walk – we continued towards the train station of the neighbouring city. On the way the cache count increased, but even the most simple find was a real challenge in the dark that had descended. Around the previously mentioned lake, there are several marked paths and trails, but walking steadily was still difficult. Besides, caches rarely tend to be placed on paths, but in the woods.

Among the things we put ourselves through this evening was a walk through a swamp, which ended with both of us being soaked from our feet to our knees. It was only a matter of a humble hundred meters, but every step required precision planning and it took ages getting through it.

Another highlight was a cache near a highway. Getting to it in the dark was demanding, especially considering the height difference. We could feel it in our legs.

We also visited a forest that had burned down and an enormous TV antenna making whistling sounds in the wind. We put ourselves through some serious climbing under a bridge, saw one of the coolest water streams ever in the middle of the city, entered a tunnel in a mountain and enjoyed beautiful nature along the trails.

The entire trip was a delight. But it was so nice, at around midnight, to be able to take off those wet shoes and socks and crawl into a warm and dry bed. A successful day, but nothing I’d do two days in a row.


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