World War II: U-684

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“At 23:23 on October 5th 1944, a German submarine was spotted where the river of Umeå meets the ocean.” That’s how the cache description of U-684 begins, a cache that has been highly ranked in Sweden and the highest in the city of Umeå in the northern parts of the country.

“I put a significant amount of time into creating a believable story,” says the cache author Jon “Skarek” Lindstrom. “I checked background facts, thought about the situation, made correct German translations, edited photos, read about the war situation at that time, chose a credible submarine model and a number that has never been in use, and so on. The image of the submarine on the cache page is, for example, an edited version of a parade photo when one of Germanys most successful submarines, U-48, returns after a mission.”

And it really shows that this is no spontaneous cache. The history may be made up, but it’s truly exciting and detailed. Perhaps that’s the very reason for the popularity of the cache?

How did you come up with the idea for this story?

“It all started a couple of years earlier, before I discovered geocaching. Probably with the videogame Silent Hunter 3, a realistic submarine simulator where you sail around torpedoing ships. It appealed to me to read about the submarines and I found the website, among other things.”

What do you consider most important – the clever set-up of the cache or that it’s an interesting story?

“In a way, it’s the clever puzzle that’s most important, as this is the actual task. But I also think that a gripping story is important for the package as a whole. It’s the packaging of the puzzle that makes you remember the cache. I’ve always appreciated caches where people have put a lot into making a good wrapping through a good cache description. There’s also a small increase of satisfaction in hiding the puzzle in an interesting text.”

And that insight is probably the reason for the success behind U-684’s.

  • Cache: U-684
  • Type: Mystery
  • Placed: June 9th, 2008
  • Owner: Skarek
  • Country: Sweden


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