Witty Quiz: Guess The Answers

Swedish writer Martina Haag

We e-mailed Martina Haag, a famous Swedish writer, and asked her a simple question: “Do you know what geocaching is?” Can you guess her answer?

  • a) I have no idea, perhaps the title of a novel? Or some form of riddle, or a game where you guess what something means or something.
  • b) It’s short for “geography coaching”. You get help learning what the countries in Africa are called.
  • c) Yes! My husband does that. Why, do you? Silly hobby, he’s become so boring since he started. But then again, it’s good exercise.
Random muggles

Then we met four random muggles on the street, approached them and asked them to guess what geocaching is. Here are five answers. Can you guess which one was not avtually given by the muggles?

  • a) Is that what they do in the stores? I saw in a super market that they had this machine that beeped when they scanned the groceries with it, perhaps to check the best-of date.
  • b) A Chinese restaurant.
  • c) Some friggin’ company on the internet that tries to trick you to pay money.
  • d) Geocaching? Doesn’t “cache” have something to do with computers?
  • e) An institute for borrowing money.

Cacher TimTim GO

And finally, we contacted geocacher TimTim GO and asked him the following question: “What do you get if you cross a cache with a bike? Can you guess his witty reply?

  • a) A D5 in a bicycle rack.
  • b) Moving coordinates.
  • c) A hide on two wheels.

You can find the answers on our Quiz Answers page.


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