Quiz: What Do Reviewers Really Do?

Photo cortesy of Fotolia.com.

How much do you really know about the work of reviewers? What is it that they do behind the scenes? Take this quiz and see how many answers you get right.

1. What is a reviewer?

  • a) A person who checks caches online prior to them being published, making sure that they fit the guidelines.
  • b) A sort of moderator of physical caches, making sure that they’re family friendly and legally hidden.

2. In what areas are reviewers active?

  • a) Nationally, working with caches from their own country only.
  • b) Internationally, working with caches from several selected countries.
  • c) Locally, working with caches in their own area within a specific country.
  • d) All of the above, depending on where in the world the reviewer is.

3. Reviewers check caches that have received a “needs archived”-log.

  • a) True
  • b) False

4. Where do newly registered caches end up?

  • a) In the mailbox of the reviewer who has the least caches qued up at the moment.
  • b) On a website with a list of caches that have not yet been approved.

5. For how long does a cache need to be disabled before a reviewer has to look at it?

  • a) Reviewers are only involved if a “needs archived”-log has been made.
  • b) 1 month
  • c) 2 months

For answers, click here.

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