Did You Know…?

…that Groundspeak, the company behind geocaching.com, has four websites? Geocaching.com, waymarking.com, wherigo.com and the company website groundspeak.com. They all belong to the Groundspeak domain. Groundspeaks main goal is to create tools for GPS-based activities, and geocaching is only one, though the largest,  part of this.

…that attributes were added in January 2005? This was summarized very well in a forum when cacher Sanoj wrote: “Big news tonight on geocaching.com. You can add attributes to your caches, will also be available in PQ’s in the future!” Gavia replied: “And what the h*ll is that?” Trekker68 answered: “Small icons that can be used to tell what’s permitted, forbidden, is available or not available, etc. close to the cache.” Today, we take the little icons for granted.

…that when geocaching.com was founded, 144 donated shirts were sold to finance the site? The shirts were bought by hard-core fans who wanted geocaching to expand. Today a lot of the funding comes from Premium memberships.


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