3 Cool Videos

There are plenty of YouTube videos with a geocaching theme. But here are three extra cool ones that stand out from the crowd:

Walk Like A Geocacher

Copper Coast Cachers have created this wonderful music video to promote the caches in their area. The song is catchy, the video is full of geocaching humor and these folks sure know how to have fun!

WWFM VI: Do The Hokey Poconokey

A lone man starts dancing in the street. The other attendants of this World Wide Flash Mob event soon join him, to the surprise of muggles all around.

Splinterheads The Movie

This trailer of the movie Splinterheads has a strong geocaching theme. Unfortunately the actual movie only mentiones geocaching briefly, but making a trailer like this sure is a big thing. One of the nicest presentations of geocaching we’ve seen!


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