Creative Trackables

Photo cortesy of TX Diva.

Geocoins and travel bugs, and being able to track their journeys online, is a great idea in itself. But can we do more? Take it one step further? Of course! Here are some ideas for some odd versions of trackables:

Loggable vehicle – Travel bug stickers for your car can be purchased all over the web. Get one and have others “discover” your geocaching vechicle.

TB’s on people – Just as cars, people too can be loggable. There are plenty of examples of geocachers who have tattooed codes on their bodies, and trackable shirts and hats are available in geocaching stores. Or why not just add a regular travel bug to your geocaching bag? Perfect for events!

Growing TB – Each geocacher logging the TB adds something to the chain. That way, it’s constantly growing bigger and more exciting. If it has a theme to it, it gets even more fun.

Yarn-TB – Ball of Yarn is a travel bug going from event to event. At the first one participants were encouraged to bring a small piece of yarn. The color had to somehow represent geocaching. The result was a gigantic TB with a personal touch from many geocachers.

Coin of clay – The code on trackables cost money but can be obtained from Groundspeak. Why not get a code and make your own, unique coin of for example clay? You can be sure that no one else has a trackable like yours!

Gigantic TB – This huge travel bug goes by the name of ’63 travel BUG. Size does matter.

Camera bug – Attach a disposable camera to a TB and send it off with the goal of every logging geocacher to take a photo of themselves.

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