INTERVIEW: Vegas The Geo Dog

We interviewed Vegas, an active geodog owned by cacher j-annie.

Hello Vegas! Who are you and when and how did you start geocaching?

We started together at the end of 2007 and I quickly realized that this was something for me. Not the usual walks around the block but more exciting stuff and with some fresh scents.

As a dog, doesn’t it get annoying that j-annie drags you around on all these adventures? Are you allowed to say no or decide where to go?

Usually it’s fun as soon as he opens the car door and brings out the GPS, because then I know there’ something going on. Sometimes he leaves without me because he doesn’t like it when I find the hides before him. And sometimes I have to take one for the team, for example when he put me in full protection gear when we logged a cache bomb. It bothered me and some snobby dogs gave me weird looks when we passed them.

What’s the most memorable caching experience you’ve had?

I think I look quite good in photos. Just look at me logging the cache Give Me Water. I’ve even been on an album cover, though it was never a golden album but fun anyway.

And once there was a real party down at a field when we were looking for a cache. Suddenly a ton of rabbits appeared, which is what I’m best at. I chased them but they outran me and I barked until my throat hurt and then my legs were like spaghetti.

I know that you have been to at least one event. Can you share with us how a dog experiences a happening like that?

Since I’m a male I like female dogs. They’re usually bigger than me and have a lot of interesting scents in their fur. Little girls also tend to like me, they always want to lead me around and give me cookies.

If you had to choose between geocaching, your owner and a bone, which would it be?

That’s a stupid question: geocaching is life but in the short term I might go with the bone. But then you’ll get hell afterwards because bones make your stomach hard.

If j-annie had to choose between geocaching, his computer and a photo album with pictures of you, which would he pick?

He’s very interested in all so I think he’d have a hard time choosing. He spends way too much time in front of the computer if you ask me. I sit and look at him for long periods of time before he gets that it’s time to go caching.

Have you ever done anything naughty, perhaps made a mess for j-annie or gotten yourself into an embarrassing situation?

I’m a dog, that’s what I do. When he tries to impress some good looking lady and I get bored I usually pee on the nearest baby trolley. Then he gets that it’s time to leave.

And finally: j-annie, what’s he like, really?

He’s good. A bit naggy but we lead a very free existance since he’s stopped working and we can do whatever we feel like. I’ve liked him and Annie since the day I met them. They responded to an ad my previous owner put out. I was two and j-annies pants still smelled of the qute Jack Russel he had before me so I chose him. I’m a very nice, well brought-up dog with a nice family tree but since my previous owner was moving into a doorm he sold me cheap.

Thank you Vegas for participating! Good luck with your future caching.


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